In the XIth century, the gypsies abandoned their land, what at present-day would be India, and headed towards the West. As well as in other corners of Europe, they were also settled in Euskal Herria. They came to our land from the north of Europe between the years 1425 and 1450. This is the ancestry of the «erromintxelak», the Basque gypsies. Due to their way of life -lacking in work and permanent house, with their own laws, out of the system- they were persecuted accused of begging and stealing.

From the hotchpotch of Romany, gypsy language, and the Basque language comes the «erromintxelak» which has nothing to do with the Caló, gypsy dialect. In the same way, «erromintxela» is the name given to the speakers of this dialect. The few remaining erromintxelas among us are avid fans of the Basque ball and the «bertsos» (kind of musical verses).

Us the Gibelurdinek, we feel close to the erromintxela feeling through this song.